Why you must download Spotify for your Smartphone right now!

If you are a music lover you surely must be frequently searching for new ways to download latest songs and new ways to find new songs that is of your taste, If its true then there is a good news for you, Spotify is the perfect app that you must have on your smartphone if you are a music lover. Read the article completely to understand why Spotify is a must have app for all the music lovers.

Why Must You install Spotify on your Smart Phone?

Below features of Spotify is the reason why you must install Spotify right now.

  • Spotify song suggestions are based on your taste in music, The AI of Spotify detects what kind of songs you like and suggest you songs based on that, which makes it easy for you to find all the new songs that you might like. And Honestly, most of the times songs suggested by Spotify for me are awesome.
  • You can download songs to your Phone and listen to them later when you don’t have access to the internet.
  • You can easily create your playlist and share them with your friends. and also follow your friends on Spotify and listen to the songs they are listening to presently.
  • You can add songs to queue, This feature will never let you miss any songs that come to your mind.
  • New songs are released on Spotify before any other source on the internet, even before Youtube and SoundCloud.
  • No advertisements, on the Spotify premium APK there are very few ads in Spotify, no ad will annoy you in-between the songs.
  • Songs are compressed well to provide quick buffering, Even if you have a 2G internet connection, songs will play without buffering.


Spotify is the leading music streaming app, and by this point, we hope that you are convinced why you must install Spotify on your phone and you can download it easily through official play store and if you are from a country where Spotify is not available officially, all you have to do is use a VPN like VPN master and change your IP to a location where Spotify is available and download from play store.

Netflix APK Download for Android phones 2018

Netflix is not a new app on the market, you must have surely heard of it and its function before unless you are living in Jupiter.  Netflix is a network that lets you watch unlimited Movies, TV shows and also shows which are produced by Netflix itself. All you have to do is to get a Netflix subscription and you can start watching movies and shows online and never experience boredom again in your life. In this page, we will provide you with the latest download link to Netflix APK, which you can install on any android device. (Netflix is also available for MAC and other operating systems you can google to get the app for your device.

Netflix download for android

Netflix Features

There are countless awesome features on Netflix but below are some of the most important features that let Netflix stand out from any application in the same niche.

  • All videos are 1080P HD, And you don’t have to worry if your Internet connection is slow, The quality of the video will change automatically according to your Network speed.
  • You can download Videos to your phone and watch them later offline.
  • You get English Subtitles in all the videos with just a click.
  • Multiple language audios are provided for all the shows and movies that are available in the language you select.
  • All the videos are compressed better than other applications, so you don’t need to worry about buffering. If your internet speed is fair enough then, you won’t ever face the problem of buffering.
  • You get to watch exclusive Netflix original Shows. These shows are mostly awesome and you can’t get to watch these shows elsewhere on internet legally.
  • Cheap cost for subscription: The monthly cost of a subscription to premium membership of Netflix is not more than 10$.

Download Netflix for android

Now it’s Download time !. Follow the below given steps to install Netflix on any android phone.

Step 1: Connect to a stable internet connection, Using Wifi would be better.

Step 2: Go to Google Play store and search for “Netflix” In the search field.

Step 3: Open the application uploaded by Netflix Inc. and click on Install to start the installation of Netflix.

Step 4: Once the download is completed, open Netflix from your app gallery and start using.

Hope the steps mentioned above were easy to apply, if you get any problem in between the process, you can always contact us through the contact page.


Netflix Subscription conclusion

If you are often surrounded by boredom, then Netflix can be a solution to pass your time with some satisfaction. Netflix contains Shows and movies of all the genre and also suggest you new movies and shows according to your taste in movies. Start using Netflix and Get into a Different Virtual World of Tv Shows and Entertainment.